Pebble on the sand

A charcoal coloured pebble about the size of a gumball, and slightly imperfect in shape, sits on light brown soft sand, at the bottom of a small stream.  There are gentle rays of sun passing through the water to the streams bed, while waves move on the waters surface.

When there seems to be much change, upheaval, uncertainty, decisions, worries, thoughts or busy-ness, with life moving around you, internally sit like a pebble on the sand.

You have an ability to access a part of yourself inside, that sits always, undisturbed by life’s disturbances.  It just sits, not grandeur, nor meek, just as it is, creating a small dent in the sand, sitting still, peaceful.

Sit like a pebble on the sand.

For some reason, this imagery works for me!  What works for you?


2012 here We come!

This is a much talked about year regarding the end of the Mayan calendar.  People have speculated that December 21, 2012 denoted the end of the world, others say it is simply the end of a calendar cycle made to end now because it didn’t make sense to put months of effort into carving another calendar stone that would extend beyond a few thousand years  (which is to say, that we wouldn’t start today, to make calendars for 2025)  others believe it represents a time of a great opportunity to shift in personal and global consciousness; I believe this last idea to resonate most true.

Before there is creation, there is destruction.  Right now there seems to be much change and upheaval for people in numerous aspects of their lives.   This is a time of purging, finally! what is no loner serving you.  To clear and make space for a new you and a new earth!  I know I’m talking on a pretty grand scale here, but this is talked about all the time on smaller scales; in yoga class, tai chi, nutrition…. to cleanse out the old, and make room for the new!

During months end, this clearing is made more apparent.  Now we are at months end and year end at the same time, moving into a year of change.  Numerologically, 2012 is a year 5, which represents change, transformation, and creation!

Let’s take this special opportunity, to consciously assist what is already occurring.  Find and trust what works for you to let go, to then, let in!  Let’s get things started with a meditation:

Exhale:      I let go of old, thoughts, old habit patterns, old beliefs, old expectations, old ways of creating that are no longer serving me or other people.  I feel safe to let go of long held fears that are no longer serving me, that have been holding me back from being fully and vibrantly me.  I let go of hesitancy, of uncertainty, of doubt of more fear, I let go of judgement, of dishonesty,  I let go of separateness,  I let go of scarcity.  I let go of everything destructive, that I’m consciously and unconsciously aware of, I let it all go.   I breathe deeply, and lovingly let this go…

Inhale:      I completely open my heart and mind to new ways of thinking that support mine and others’ greatest and highest good!  I begin to create new habit patterns and beliefs based in support of health and energy and goodness of all kinds!  I realize that I create every moment I am here, and have such power in my intention!  I step into my loving power and create with unbridled joy!  I trust, I trust, I trust!  I breathe in so much light, so much warmth, so much love, so much gratitude, so much confidence that it overflows from me everywhere I go!  I hold the highest space of love and peace for all to begin to create with more ease, and joy!  I express my fullest potential to create the most amazing life and world possible.  I work together in community for all that I can imagine and for all that We can imagine together.

With an open heart and open arms I embrace myself, you and the new year!!!