Real Imagination

A beautiful friend recently said to me,

“There is the physical effort you put out, and the energetic effort you put out; the Universe doesn’t know the difference.  Both move you forward.”

Think for a moment how much energetic effort we put out in one day with our thoughts, desires, emotions and imagination compared to the amount of physical energy we put out towards creating our reality.  We often exist linearly, ie, it is tangible and obvious to our minds that what we do to be productive can include:  making calls, working over time, emailing her, meeting with him.  This gives us the satisfaction that we are doing what we need to do to move forward, because it does; this is part of the manifesting picture.

The energetic effort we put out far exceeds the amount of physical effort we could put out.  Let’s utilize this gift.  When we are driving to work, eating, in the bathroom, at a party, shopping, sleeping, we are creating; because we are thinking, feeling, picturing, and imagining even if we aren’t doing something outwardly productive towards the goals we want for ourselves.   We spend much more time manifesting through energetic effort than we do with the actual physical ‘act’ or ‘job’.

What do you imagine on a daily basis?  What kinds conversations do you have in your head?  What do you envision yourself saying, doing, feeling?  How do you treat yourself?

I encourage you to consider your imagination, a very real, and valid place to help create the life you want.

Enjoy envisioning, and imagining and day dreaming, and hold that high space for yourself and for others.  Allow yourself to desire what you truly want.   Allow yourself to indulge in creating the most amazing and beautiful life you can possibly imagine.   Allow yourself to dream so your dreams have a chance of making their way into this physical realm.  Hold the space for it.  Open to the possibility of it.


4 thoughts on “Real Imagination

  1. Very beautiful words and thoughts Karen. Very motivational on all levels. Create the change and manifest within and outwardly, it is all powerful in following your dreams and making them your reality. Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. Look around you. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

    OK. Is there anything that you can see that did not first exist in someone’s imagination? Your clothes, the furniture, the building you are in. Even you. Not in your present form perhaps but even you first existed in the minds and hearts of your parents. Maybe that’s how Reality works.

    We put our energy into thinking and feeling something and perhaps that is what pulls it from the swirling clouds of possibility into Beingness. Maybe not right away and maybe the spirit of the intention makes a difference in how easily it slides into Being but it certainly helps make things happen. That’s certainly how it works for me.

    I think that recognizing that the golden cape is there and believing that we have the ability to manifest our dreams and wishes is Step 1 to activating the creative godhood within each of us. Step 2? Practice!

    Thanks for the inspiring thoughts, Karen.

  3. Thanks for your response Paul. I like that you said, “maybe it’s the spirit of the intention that makes a difference in how easily it slides into Being…” I find this to be the case and find the entire process fascinating! What are you manifesting for 2012?

    • The Web of Compassion and the dissolution of the separation between Self and Other. They are different aspects or faces of Love, aren’t they?

      Your suggestion to practice being 3 minutes x 3 times a day is a wonderfully simple and achievable practice for just about anyone. Thanks!

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