Have some serious fun people!

When was the last time you had fun?  I’m talking about real fun, with a huge sense of play, and wonder and silliness and laughter.

Do you know how important play is to our sense of wellness and ability to create?

Think about the energy and excitement you generate in this space!

If you ever feel unsure of a decision, of the next step to take, or where to go, clear yourself.  Play.

Think about a child who all at the same time, wants to be a rock star, a doctor and a ballet dancer.  They don’t question that everything they want is possible; and THAT is the space we need to start to access more often so that we can begin to create the most amazing life for ourselves and others.

We need to create from a place of limitless possibility.  We support ourselves with so much more elevated energy, positivity and joy.

You can start with small things: Do you find a feeling of joy in eating a popsicle?  Dancing in your living room with the music too loud?  Running in a field?  Banging away on a drum set with absolutely no sense of rythme?  Sitting on a swing? (More adults need to swing on swings in the park by the way.)

In performing your small acts of joy, you begin to open and expand your energy field; this is when we can become clearer of what we want and what we will do about it.

Play at least once today,

And tell me about it!!!

Yesterday outside on Queen street with a group of friends, in a big group hug,  we sung, “Happy Birthday” to our friend.  Other people we’ve never met, sung, “Happy Birthday” again for him with such vigor and animation, and we all had a great laugh.  🙂


3 thoughts on “Have some serious fun people!

  1. Last night we, four adults, went to a big holiday party hosted by some friends in Newmarket. After making the social rounds an connecting with our hosts we loaded plates and found a place to sit in the family room. There were two, 2-5 year-old girls eating and a 4-year-old boy playing with a firetruck and a couple of 4-wheel-drive trucks. Yay! I found someone to play with while the adults talked about either work or the hockey game on the big-screen TV.

    With the different noise-making buttons on the firetruck we were able to make a kind of music with sirens and beeps and other raucous sounds, very exciting. Holding the truck up by the window, we could see the many lights flashing in the reflection but not the truck so we only saw the lights. That was a different perspective right there.

    With the handle on the side of the truck we could raise the ladder with the hose on the top. We used it to give ourselves a drink (either water or milk as you chose), to wash our hands and faces, and to fill the room entirely with water! I held my hand to show where the water level was as Ethan energetically pumped more and more water into my mouth or the room until they could hold no more. Then we had to swim to get around the room.

    By that time the 4 and 6-year-old girls were into it, so much so that the 4-year-old’s parents had to keep reminding her to put her shirt back on. Oh, to be 4 again. Wait, I guess I was.

    When we would spray the other adults they held up their hands and created magical force fields so they did not have to get wet. My thought was that it was a way to avoid playing rather than a way to connect but I don’t know for sure.

    After leaving I learned that my new buddy is a high-functioning autistic child. I was surprised to learn that because for all the time we were playing I saw no difference between him and all my other four-year-old friends. Is it because our play was energized by connecting ourselves, our imaginations and a few props to project on?

    We also went ice skating outdoors at Mel Lastman Square yesterday and it was not crowded at all. Round and round and round. A bit like swinging. Next time we should bring hot chocolate and marshmallows. It was tons of fun!

    Today, swimming. Let’s see what play opportunities present themselves there.

  2. Hi Paul! Thanks for sharing! That sounds like a fun time and a half. lol. Force fields from the other adults made me laugh. Swimming is about the best thing in the world; have fun! There is a salt water pool at the JCC. xo.

  3. Hi Karen,
    A great blog you’ve started. I love the ideas that you materialize – inspiring and a great reminder to remember the simple, basic joys of life. My play is playing with Paul and seeing him in all his …playfulness of course! Oh and of course eating all…okay most of the wonderful holiday food with abandon



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