Possibility creates space

This blog was born from one sentence that my partner said moments ago.

[What if the thought of, “If we held all of our experiences and memories at one time, we would explode, and that, that is why we don’t allow ourselves to have the consciousness to let it exist all in one moment consciously”, is the thought that is holding us back to expanding and evolving to be able to do it.]

What if the above sentence is true?  What we know of the functioning of the brain and possible functioning of the brain is fine for the moment for as long as it is true, but what about the brain evolving into depths that are so dramatically new; a new way of existing that would make it more possible to hold all of our memories and thoughts at once.

(It’s not that I’m trying to make the point that we may be able to do this, but what that thought did for me, which was this: We are capable of more than we can imagine; we are evolving from what it means to be human, and are unsure of really what we are evolving into, and of what is possible.)

I felt as though my mind was stretched and it felt so good.  You know that feeling, when something is said, that just makes you stop thinking linearly and starting thinking without thoughts, but thinking with feeling…….thinking without words.  Words are limiting in nature, but it’s funny how certain words put together to make a certain sentence can actually free the mind from thoughts, even for a brief moment, which is quite challenging to type at the moment.  It was space in the mind;  it was new found space I think I felt.

What is the human brain really capable of?  We imagine to our deepest depths and still, what if we can do more than we can imagine, far beyond what we can even fathom?  I’m tempted to say, to try being curious when you become so steadfast and rigid in a belief.  Ask yourself if it stops you from learning and how it affects the quality of your mind and health and life.  Often times though, we don’t come to question this by pre-meditated means, it comes upon us through life poking and challenging us; making us question the structures of belief we have inside we hold to be, unquestionable.  This is when our world can be shaken or rocked to the core, and it is a moment of opportunity, to grow.


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