I have to decide again? Yes.

We really are always learning how to improve the way we decide.  We are constantly making decisions all the time!!!

I very much hope to always develop my decision making skills.   I hope to become more aware of all the different ways I receive information to make a decision;  using my heart, gut, head and body, to inform me of what decision I want to make; to make them with more peace in my heart.  This is definitely a time to practice.  I have no choice but to continue to make decisions so… here I go.

When I say ‘develop’ I mean I want to make decisions with more certainty, confidence, and efficiency which I feel would partly come from my confidence with the signals my mind, and body and heart are giving me.  So I want to be more sensitive to the signals that are always there; to be the clearest vessel I can to hear them.

Sometimes I feel no doubt with a decision, other times I feel lots of doubt.  I acknowledge that there are so many decisions on a sliding scale of variences in perceived importance, significance and banality and am generalizing here, in wanting to address the times when I’m making a decision where I find myself in doubt.

There are so many facets to making a “simple” decision.  We draw upon our beliefs, values, conscious and unconscious habits, our desires, our needs, our wants, our current state of mind and body….  It’s not that I necessarily expect the process of decision making to become easier or quicker, but that I want to feel more peace in my heart when I’m creatively deciding.  I suppose this comes from me knowing who I am in that moment and what I want and what I value.  Maybe it comes from me trusting that I’m doing the best I can and trusting that I want the best for myself and others.  More so I think, this peace I’m wanting more often in this regard, comes from the knowing that I can handle whatever happens as a result of my decision; that I am supported by the universe and my ability to handle what comes my way.

hmm…  I’m still pondering this.

I also suppose a good way to become more familiar with those times I feel doubt, is to also be curious as to how I come to other decisions with confidence.  Getting to know one side by getting to know it’s other.

Do you have a particular way in which you make decisions?  Will you share?  How do you find the process of decision making?

I wish for you clarity in mind, confidence in heart, and wisdom in body.



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