How Goal-Setting Actually Works by Darren Hardy

I’m not yet familiar with Darren or his writings, just the piece I have copied for you here; I had to share it.

Let me reveal the mystery ‘secret’ of goal-setting.  You only see,
experience and  get what you look for. If you don’t know what to look for,
you certainly won’t get it.

By  our very nature, we are goal-seeking creatures. Your brain tries to
align your outer world with what you are seeing and expecting in your inner
world. When you instruct your brain to look for the things you want, you
will begin to see  them. In fact, the object of your desire has probably
always existed all around you, but your mind and eyes weren’t open to it.

This  is actually how the Law of Attraction really works. It is not some
mysterious, esoteric voodoo, as it sometimes is described. It’s far simpler
and more  practical than that.

We  are surrounded by billions of visual, audio and physical messages each
day. To  keep ourselves from going insane, we ignore 99.9 percent of them.
You only  really see, hear or experience those you focus your mind on.

Make  sense? It’s not mysterious at all; it’s actually quite logical.
Whatever your  mind is thinking on the inside is what it will pay attention
to on the outside.  All of a sudden, you ‘see’ it.

Did  you ever start car shopping and then you started to see the model and
make of  that car everywhere? Seems like there are tons of them on the
street all of a  sudden.  More likely, they have been there all along, but
you weren’t paying  attention to them. Thus, they didn’t really ‘exist’ to
you before.

When you define your goals, you give your brain something to focus on and
look for.  You give your mind a new set of eyes to see all the people,
circumstances, conversations, resources and ideas. They help you go about
matching up the outside with what you want on the inside-in other words,
your goal.  It is that simple, but the difference in how you see, experience
and ‘draw’ ideas, people and experiences into your life after you have
clearly defined your goals is  profound.


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