I’m bringing Simple back

So much good and difference can come from simple!!!

Take some time for yourself everyday to replenish.  Let me reiterate that…. EVERYDAY!  This is not a luxury, this is a necessity and it can be something so simple!

I’m not sure why we often feel guilty to acknowledge that we want something for ourselves and then feel guilty to do it!  Or even why we think we need to take hours a day to make a difference in our lives.  There will always be something to do, to get done, to work on, so that can’t be an excuse not to take that bubble bath you’ve been wanting to take since 1983, or sitting down and eating a chocolate croissant on your balcony, or whatever it is you want to do that is replenishing to you!  We forget or are in a habit of not doing it or don’t feel it’s as important as all the other important stuff we have to do…

We need to fill up our cup, constantly!!  Everyday we give and receive energy, so giving yourself something is an expression of that energy and it’s good!  It’s all about balance, not in the sense of equality, but of synergy.

Listen to what you need today.  Lately what has been balancing for me, that lasts most of the day, that helps me to sit more comfortably in my body, that helps me literally breathe easier, think softer and feel more even in emotions is simply a hot shower and oil.  This doesn’t take long and seriously helps me feel more like myself.

An idea, so you can see how taking a bit of time for yourself can very much shift how you think and feel and act…..

Something to try:

Take 3 minutes in the morning, 3 minutes in the middle of the day and 3 minutes at night just to check in with yourself.  It’s 3 minutes!!!  Find a place to sit and breathe, stop what you are doing and just be.

You will be creating a response in your body and mind to become present more often and to open the doors to expanded perspective.  I LOVE how small and wonderful this is.

What do you do that fills up your cup?


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