What if I don’t get what I want? What then?

I’ve been writing a lot about manifesting what you want, honouring what you want and holding high space and imagery for what you want.

What if you don’t get what you want?  What then?

I would start to look at why you want what you want.  What place within you is it coming from?  A place of fear or love?  Since we are always creating, it’s often that we come into this space of uncertainty/opportunity as to what do I create?

There may come a point when we consider letting go of what we are trying to create.  Sometimes we think there is a bigger picture happening we don’t understand; dharma.  Dharma is our duty in line with cosmic order.  We begin to think, how much longer should I try to create this?  Is it not happening because I need to change something within me or change something in my external environment or is it not supposed to happen?  We can rationalize anything, so when we begin to ask ourselves these kinds of questions, it’s needed to get clear with the root feelings of our wants and actions and what our body is subtley telling us. To do this, play and exploration is so so helpful as it helps bring clarity to confusion by getting us in touch with our unlimited, childlike selves.  Click on a previous post to read more on play.  ~”Have some serious fun people!” in December 2011.  I’m not necessarily talking about boisterous loud play and exploration but also more subtle forms that bring a smile to your heart even if it doesn’t show on your face.

This is why it’s so important to practice simple ways of being, like sitting for 3 minutes 3 times a day, to not be so focused on an outward task and get in touch with our inner world or anything else that works for you.  On the other side of that coin, sometimes getting so involved in our external world can illuminate our inner.  Everything in this blog is a big part of why I have practiced yoga for so long and why I teach yoga and facilitate movement, breath and sound awareness.

Keep asking questions, keep exploring life and you in it with others.  Always be grateful for your innate curiosity.  It’s curiosity that helps us through difficult times as it shifts us from a place of heaviness into one of a lighter more malleable texture.

I am in awe when I feel into our capacity to listen.  There is so much about the way we can feel, think and listen that we are just starting to become aware of, and even still we are just scraping the surface of our capacity for depth of experience.

This post has turned into more of an exploratory journal excerpt without a clear beginning, middle and end.  It feels good to share a page in my journal with you.


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