I just watched a beautiful and inspiring video from Andrea Menard whom I stayed with for 2 days in Ireland.  A short visit with much impact.  What a light she is, and she knows how to shine it!

It is incredibly inspiring to be around people who let their true self come through!  You can feel the authenticity, the inhabitions, the open heart and carefree expression.  It literally awakens that spark within each person who is around it.

Do you realize that you just being authentically you is transformative for others?  That you can have great positive impact on every person you encounter?  It helps people remember the divinity and light within them, just from seeing yours shine.

In these moments around people who are blazing bright, there is an absence of fear.  There is a deep presence of love; gratitude.  They are not necessarily thinking about either love or gratitude, it is an essence that they are expressing through being it that goes beyond thought.

Remember a time you were in the presence of someone who was radiant with inner light; BE grateful, and BE it!  If you are having trouble thinking of a time when you were in the presence of someone who was radiant with inner light, which is actually very similar to the nature of your own inner light, then BE it. BE it!  Let your inner fire ignite the spark of another.  You will LOVE it!


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