You know the physical birthing process is painful and gives way to a baby miracle right?  You know if you’ve let your leg fall asleep for too long, that when you finally move it, it hurts to become alive again.

We all go through internal birthing processes as we grow into ourselves more fully and become more radiant.  Internal growth and becoming more alive can be painful, but it’s okay.  Therein lies great opportunity for growth. You can bring a practicality into your state of emotion.

Pay close attention next time you feel dis-ease in yourself, because you might actually be changing, and from that knowing, you can help the process along, to move more gracefully into a space of love.  There is so much brightness to feel and be and share.  You never know where and when you will feel it and know it more and more.

I have been going through so much internal change lately.  When I think about certain new beliefs, new desires and a new way of being me, I easily tear up and weep.  I have wept a number of times these past few weeks.  It has not been despair although it felt like that once or twice, it feels like a birth. It’s funny how I can confuse the two. It feels like this is one way my body at the moment is shedding the old beliefs and thoughts that have been held up in my body and is giving birth to a new me.  Literally.  It hurts, but at the same time, I feel like something about me is relieved, almost grateful, and I feel alive.  The old is acutely felt as it passes through my body and out.

There is so much more to feel than discomfort!  When I’ve felt those acute old feelings pass through, which had a certain level of discomfort, I have felt at the same time, what I might call, it’s opposite.  I’ve felt the old and the new at the same time.  It’s something very rich in feeling that is, visceral, jolting, honest and bright, like an internal fire sparking new life.  This is not for a selected group of people; this, just is.  I don’t feel in any way, that this is special to me.  🙂

I want you all so much, to trust.  Trust so much that your feelings of loneliness, fear, doubt, jealousy, and confusion etc, are great opportunities. They are not there to torture you.  You let them stay longer by not facing them. You may experience fear in some form or another again.  Next time, the difference can be that you won’t let it hold you back.

Fear makes us forget that Love is right here. It’s right here.

~There is so much brightness to feel and be and share.  You never know where and when you will feel it and know it more and more.