Dreams are reality yet to be grounded

I’m feeling newness enter in which is really not new, it’s always been there. It’s just now, uncovered.  I love it.  I am grateful.  I have dreamt of this newness that I am now experiencing.  Can it be real?  I think it is.  Is that what I had to open up to?  Love, trust and courage?  I thought it was more complicated than that.  So I made it complicated.

Friends are truly earth angels.

Is it here?  Constantly blossoming.  I think so.  This is good.

Sigh* Smile*

Fresh wings feeling out the flow of flight.  The wind might take me sometimes, but it’s fine.

Colours.  Bright.  Light.  Swirling.  Smiles.  Hearts.  Dancing.  Lifting.   Expanding.  Playing.  Sighing.  Excited.  Nervous.  Grateful.  Big.  Up.  Ground. Ease.