The person standing in front of you is whole.

Once you realize the person standing in front of you is whole, then you can really open up and support a space of healing for them!  (Also for everyone who comes into that space by the way.)

They might buy that they are unable or in lack, but you can’t, because they aren’t.  Don’t buy into excuses.  Support what you see they can do, even if they don’t see it.   Open yourself up to be able to see beyond their story; to be able to see beyond their pain.  Open yourself up to see their capability.

Someone told me the way I could help them was to be sad and down with them, that that would be truly supportive.  It would be truly supportive… of their low energy, and I would have to believe that they are in lack.

Some people want this because it makes them feel validated and right, and that they have a right to feel so in lack; I’ve felt these feelings before.  We all are allowed to feel how we feel.  To begin to heal though, we need to move beyond being right and in lack, and instead learn to move forward.  Being right and in lack means you are taking responsibility off of yourself and putting it in someone else’s hands.  This also supports the energy that you can’t do anything about it, as it was done to you. “They had no right to do that do me”, which may be very true.  Although the longer you feed that sentence and belief, the more you are holding yourself back from moving forward, and into an abundant space.  How long do you need to feel in lack?

Wanting someone to be down with you is a way of trying to connect with another.  We all innately need to feel like we connect to people.  So if you are in a low space of energy, and someone changes to meet you on that level, you can relate with them and you may not feel as alone but do you really want someone to feel as crappy as you do?  And then how much will that help you? This makes me think of, “mysery loves company.”  I think we can mistake this kind of action for compassion; it’s not compassion.  Love also loves company by the way.

At the moment, I’m talking about moving forward by taking responsibility for how you feel, and that you can do something about it, instead of feeling like you have to wait for something or someone to happen to you first.

I’m highlighting that you can help yourself; not that you have to do it by yourself. People love to help other people.  The person standing in front of you is whole, and you can help them by holding that space for them.  You can encourage people to live up to the visions you hold of them.

My intent in this post is to share what I’ve learned and mostly to EMPOWER! The feelings that accompany me as I write, give me a sense of opening, optimism, and empowerment.  I hope it does the same for you or better!

Love, Karen


2 thoughts on “The person standing in front of you is whole.

  1. Hey Karen, I like this post if yours a lot. I sometimes fall into the “trap” you describe of sinking emotionally when I meet a person that feels down. I think you are right when say many con use this with compassion. Thanks for reminding me the that it is not and keep on finding ways to let my radiance of love empower people.

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