Sensitivity and softness is so very powerful

I am a mixture of many energies and the way I express them, be it boisterously, full on colourful child like joy, loudness, laughter, asking so many questions, being silly because yes this is me.

I am also very soft, and gentle, vulnerable, sensitive and so quiet, an observer. I’ve been feeling like I need to change this latter part of myself, like I need to be stronger with it, pick it up, become more fearless through less vulnerability. I was wrong, and I’m glad I was wrong.

It is through my vulnerability, and gentleness and sensitivity to energy and people that is a source of great strength and power for me, as is for others as well who are soft and sensitive.

lol.  It’s been here; this great strength.  I teach this often, finding strength in softness, which I feel that all the time in my asana practice and with ways of approaching life.  Now to feel it in me as a life expression and to feel it as an experience not just an exercise to step into, is so wonderful.  I hope to remember this as often as I can, so that I no longer have to remember it anymore, and it just becomes….there….here…..

What are you resisting?  What are you fighting?  Do you need to?  What if what you were looking for is right here?  What if it was that simple; that what you are looking for is inside of you?  I love turning these cliche sentences into reality.  The wonderful, beautiful cliches are so very real.


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