Wisdom is in Plain Sight

How much energy can we have, use, access, share, have flow through us and give out?  How much sleep do we actually need?  How much can we really do as spirits playing humans?  What if these questions were a direct response to what we believed about our energetic and perceptual limits and potentials? What if our beliefs were directly influencing the quality of our energy levels and our ability to expand our spiritual human experience?

As we expand in consciousness, and perception and come to know how we are giving out our energy, (which I mean to say this way instead of ‘losing energy’) and that we are always directly connected to an infinite flow of universal energy, (as I believe and feel we are), then wouldn’t it make sense that we would experience so much more energy; so much more good, productive, healthy, curious, vibrant energy?

“We attract that which we emanate.” More commonly this phrase is interpreted as “We get back what we give out”. The latter phrase is less accurate and not as literal as the former. This is another inconspicuous, simple, plain and common phrase. Think about this sentence for a minute and how many times you have heard, read, or spoken it. Is this not a fundamental universal law? Oh my gosh! Think about this cause and effect! If we let ourselves contemplate this idea and begin to feel it’s potency, then we will become more involved in our own evolution and tap into our potential and enjoy life more! When we start to turn a mental concept into a practical applicable experience through our bodies, then we really feel it’s magnitude!

Try not to think about getting back what you put out so linearly. Ie, If you make a kind gesture to someone, someone will give you that same kind gesture, or if you are mean to someone in anger, someone will be mean to you later.  Look underneath the act.  If you give out compassion or anger or fear as the energetic quality, that energy in some form will be what you are opening up to.  If you hope to make $5000.00 a month, this is not a rule to which you have to give out $5000.00 a month first.  In this monetary example you could give out some money as a response to your energetic resonance in sharing, abundance and not in lack, but the giving out of X amount of dollars authentically, would represent an energy that you are vibrating at and thus opening up to.  It is the quality of the tone of your intention that is vibrating the strongest and is part of the attracting force.  Your gestures, physical body and life experience will be manifest of this.

We give out a certain form of energy in a certain way, which comes back to us in a certain way which can be described as being on a sliding scale from DULL to RADIANT.  Does the factor of losing energy exist because where does that energy go?  How do we lose energy?  It doesn’t just cease to exist.  It transforms into something more nourishing or less nourishing.  Energy transforms into something and goes somewhere.  So if we come to know through direct experience and transformation in how we give our energy out; whether it feels closer to feeling dead or feeling alive, then we would experience more of the fullness of energy that is here always for all of us.

This is why meditation is so important.  Meditation gives you the space to sit in the everyday, the mundane, the normal, the not normal, the what is, the boring, the regular, the plain, so that you may see, if there is anything more to it than that.  This is huge!  As a suggestion, just sit or walk in nature.  Give yourself the opportunity to open up; to what you are hoping for, to what is unexpected or even impossible.   This is what makes life breathtaking; seeing with new eyes, what is always around you, always in you, always accessible, always there, seemingly plain but actually ripe with wisdom.  It is not necessarily the subject or experience you are seeing or in to be plain, but your perception to be plain.  When your lens from which you view the world becomes clearer, and your inner vision becomes brighter and more alive, so does everything you see and experience.  What if you believed this was possible?

I am determined to find as much beauty in life as I can.  Why?  Because I can, and because it feels so good.


I’m listening

I’ve been interested in watching people who I feel are successful in living their truth and their lives in a way that expresses their authenticity.  What do they tell themselves?  What inspires them?  What has been steadfast in their minds and hearts?  Is there a commonality between them?

I keep hearing this phrase, “Keep focusing on what you want.”  It seems inconspicuous.  It seems simple.  I’m realizing that it’s up to us to be vulnerable enough to hear these inconspicuous messages.  The good news is, there are plenty of seemingly plain phrases out there for us.

I’m comparing these phrases to yoga sutras which is said to be written in such a way that is conducive to it’s utmost absorption.

For a moment, I felt compelled to make this a long winded and well supported post, to be thorough and specific but then I would be missing the point and messing it up.

Keep it simple.