I’m listening

I’ve been interested in watching people who I feel are successful in living their truth and their lives in a way that expresses their authenticity.  What do they tell themselves?  What inspires them?  What has been steadfast in their minds and hearts?  Is there a commonality between them?

I keep hearing this phrase, “Keep focusing on what you want.”  It seems inconspicuous.  It seems simple.  I’m realizing that it’s up to us to be vulnerable enough to hear these inconspicuous messages.  The good news is, there are plenty of seemingly plain phrases out there for us.

I’m comparing these phrases to yoga sutras which is said to be written in such a way that is conducive to it’s utmost absorption.

For a moment, I felt compelled to make this a long winded and well supported post, to be thorough and specific but then I would be missing the point and messing it up.

Keep it simple.


2 thoughts on “I’m listening

  1. Hi misselletea,

    Good question. I don’t believe I’m giving you THE answer to your question but hopefully some ideas that may start things rolling in a positive light and some ideas that have definitely helped me along the way.

    I find that if you allow yourself to be curious about what you want and what you feel, you become more open to hearing and feeling ideas that will help you along the way. Be curious instead of expecting answers in a certain way and in a certain time frame because expectations can make the process of inquiry more difficult than it has to be.

    Also, if you find yourself moving into a space of low energy (which is totally fine to honour and feel) but at some point, make a choice to do something that lets you experience fun and joy; even if it seems completely unrelated to your journey of finding what you want.

    Each of us have ways of lifting and expanding our energy to help us become more receptive and sensitive to what is presenting itself, to what is there, to finding and uncovering answers. Along the way, you start to notice what works for you.

    My blog post, “Have some serious fun people!” describes a bit more about the value of having fun.

    I hope this helps,


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