Totally and completely unscripted ;p

I have been feeling a bit cloudy and drab the last few days, so I did what a good yogi does:  I meditated, I did pranayama,  I self inquired and spent time sitting with what is causing my sensations of blah.  Those exercises helped a bit, but I was still left feeling the same soon after.  Okay, so there was something I wasn’t understanding and I remained curious.

Then I get an email inviting me out for some patio sushi to which I replied with a resounding YES in all of 3 seconds!  Everything in me told me quite simply, “You need to have some serious fun!”  I went out, laughed until my cheeks were uncomfortably sore, got plenty of hugs and random silly bits of information that were utterly ridiculous and had nothing to do with yoga. Infact, I might have added a gentle curse word in a few times during the night in the midst of our exaggerated humour   :O

Even though I didn’t do any yoga exercises, or talk about the breath or contemplate energy, what happened that night was pure yoga: connection, sharing, joyful expression, love, laughter and hugs.

Internal work is amazing, I love it, we need it, and plenty of it.  It’s only good though, if we take it out into the world and express with each other, our amazing selves!

I highly recommend ‘Silly’ as a regular part of your yoga practice.