Moving towards goals. A journaled post.

Moving toward my goals today…  Consistent effort eh?  Is that what is required?  And how exactly does that look for me today? And how exactly does the element of rest and letting go take part?  When and how.  At the moment, this is my quest.

Hmm, what else is my question showing me.  That I’m not trusting what I feel, think and know and that I’m getting caught up in thoughts and going in circles. So, what is helping me most right now?  Keeping with those questions above which feel daunting and linear, which are taking me away from the here and from action, or, work on trusting?  Trusting.  (Ok, that seems to be an easy and obvious answer, just from inquiring about it.)  What have I forgotten that I know?  I’ve forgotten that I know what I want.  What do I want?          Oh yes, I shall focus on what I want, (without overdoing it and smothering it) and not get caught up in the how, since focusing on the how right now feels unhelpful.  So, what CAN I do today?                Small steps each day.  Ah, and this is the consistent effort for me today.  Funny how it has come full circle.  I will try this/work with this today:  To trust and be grateful for the small steps today.  I like that.

Knowing what you want, is part of the picture of your life.  Questions that we need to ask ourselves more often are, “How can my gifts be shared with others?  How can I share my light today?  How can I inspire others today? How is my want affecting others?”  If others aren’t considered within the reasoning behind your want, you are missing part of the whole picture.

Trust that if you are doing what you feel you need to do today, and it is helping you and others around you, and you are doing so with love in your heart, then you have already reached your goal.  You are living life.             Your goal is to live your life.