The Joy of Reiki

I want to give you a personal and practical perspective to share what Reiki is and what a session might look like with me.

What is Reiki?

Reiki can be summed up in few words such as, Universal energy to help yourself heal.  Or Reiki can’t be summed up at all, but felt and experienced. We are energy. Reiki is Universal Light Energy.  Our cells are always moving, vibrating; vibration is energy. We are sustained by something bigger than ourselves.  Our hearts beat with currents of electricity because something makes it so, we breathe without needing to think about it, our liver cleanses without us telling it how to do so. There is a force within us that moves us.  Universal energy is within all of us and receiving Reiki is to receive more of that energy in a way that is most natural for us.

We are all sensitive to energy in some way.  Some of us naturally are aware of it and use it or develop it through practice.  Some of us aren’t aware of it at all, but it’s there, fueling us.

Who would benefit from Reiki?

We often think people who need a Reiki treatment are undergoing severe emotional or physical trauma.  Reiki is such a gift when dealing with minor imbalances in mind, body and life circumstance too! Reiki is not just a last resort for dire situations; it is also for everyday life and is used for many different reasons.  I give Reiki to Hospice patients (people with a life threatening illness) to people who simply feel rundown and fatigued and need to recharge.  Also, I give Reiki to persons who feel great and want to enrich their lives more!  Reiki can be used for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual reasons, including general or specific stress that you are aware of or unconsciously aware of.  If this energy is around all the time, let’s use it often.

What does Reiki feel like?

There are many varying obvious and subtle sensations to experience. Some sensations are obvious like rinsing your hands in warm water, others are more sensitive like, feeling when your body is more energetic, some are even more sensitive like sensing a shift in your emotional response to something.  In a session, people often report feeling warmth, tingling, or a different kind of relaxed feeling that they classify as feeling soothing somehow; a relaxing session.  Also people can report feeling energy move and expand in and outside the body in ways that feel new to them or have emotions rise up or let go and feel emotionally released or revitalized to have had what they might call a significant session.  Each person’s experience is unique. Regardless of what I’ve said, you are involved in the session and you choose what to open up to. You move at your own pace with what you feel comfortable with.

What does a session look like?

You are on a massage table, fully clothed in a warm and quiet room with music on or off for about an hour.  It is a simple set up.   I incorporate crystals and candles.  I ask you how you are and if you would like me to know anything before we begin. I primarily use my hands by way of my heart, to conduct the session with the option of hands on or above the body.  I guide breathing and visual techniques, speaking occasionally if needed during the session, mostly though, I am quiet.  You are welcome to speak as well; you do not have to be completely silent.  Distance healing sessions are also available.

I hold space for you to help you help yourself heal what you need to heal, figure out what you need to figure out, let go of what you need to let go of, build or rebuild, cleanse, understand, clarify, uplift, sooth, support… the list goes on.  I tune into what is happening as Spirit is guiding the session with some help from me to relay itself.  In joy, peace and love, I open up and remain curious.  This is how I hold space for you.  In a session, I am a channel or tube, to share more of, the energy you already work with subconsciously or consciously everyday.

Tell me more about what a Reiki Practitioner does.

It is thought by some that being a Reiki Practitioner means you are psychic.  Intuitive sensitivities can develop a little or a lot because the healing space can be conducive for intuitive emergence, but it is not automatically included in the title of Reiki Practitioner.  My intuitive abilities have continued to develop because I choose to endeavour in that, to further assist in sessions and to experience more of the colourful richness of sharing, healing and life.

What is your personal relationship with Reiki like?

I started receiving Reiki over 12 years ago because I wanted help with personal anxiety, stress, physical problems, mental anguish, immune problems, to let go of old belief systems and embrace new ones and feel a greater connection to and understanding of spirit.  I could feel in my bones that there was something special I had access to, that we all have access to.  Since then I have with a great sense of wonder, continued to receive Reiki as a deep means of connecting with my natural self and the Universe.  It’s like I can feel the “outside Universe” within me with more sensitivity when I’m sending and receiving Reiki; I feel more peaceful and full. I feel like my spirit tells me when it needs attention that goes beyond what my mind or body can understand as to what constitutes as healing.  A part of me knows something that other parts of me say, “Yes, but how do you know?”

I so love and am grateful for all of the years I’ve experienced kind love and generosity from my Reiki practitioners; they have been some of my greatest teachers and inspirations.  They have helped me open up to a world of connection, intimacy, health, trust, guidance and energy.  Life is rich.  I am so rich.  You are so rich.

I am in awe now, to be able to give back and continue on my journey of energy healing.  If you would like to learn more about Reiki or are interested in Reiki sessions with me, I would be happy to speak with you.

In love and trust,