Run, Jump, Soar!


My New Metaphor for Living Life:
“Run full force towards the edge of a cliff and jump, wildly screaming and laughing!”

This new metaphor was fueled by a conversation about the imminence of everyone’s death and thus mine.  My friend said, “I am dying every day so I have to live like it!”  I felt deeper into the meaning of having a limited time on earth which made the metaphorical ‘run full force to the edge of a cliff and jump off’, make ABSOLUTE SENSE.  Why wouldn’t we live life so fully and passionately?  How else could we possibly live that makes more sense than this?


“Leap and the net will appear.”  Was one of my favourite quotes for many years.  At one time it sounded very liberating, daring and brave, but gentle enough for the time that I needed it.  Now gentleness in living life needs a modification for me with more fire!

I’ve come to resonate with the New Metaphor for living life at this time.  I love it’s fierceness and punch, it’s unabashed wildness, daring and guts, enthusiasm and uninhibited raging joy.


Activate your inner Tender Heart Bear.

Tender Heart BearWhen I see clients or friends I often look at them and see and feel them in a space of appreciation and love, with love embracing them, uncovering in them, and moving forward to them because it is natural and the interaction is blessed and I love it.  I did this to myself last night.  Just like I turn outward toward others in the sight of love, I turned inward to myself in the sight of love.  I realized that I hadn’t loved myself like that before, at least not that I can remember.  Sure I love myself, I think I’m great ; )  but I don’t really take the time to see love in myself and send it to myself with the same conscious beam to just love myself like I do with others.  I kept it simple.  In that moment, it wasn’t about fixing me, changing me, it was about sending love to myself and receiving it at the same time.  In other words it also felt like I was relaxing into love that was already there.

The experience of it felt so natural and needed.  I feel a deep sense of connection to life and it felt relieving.  It felt natural to feel so much space inwardly, and in that space it felt like fluid grace.  It left me feeling uplifted and vulnerable in a good way for the day after.  It promoted internal expansion and in that process of expansion was a slight rawness that felt like I was exposing more of me through fewer filters or layers or barriers to my heart. Tender Heart… just like the Care Bear!  Funny, I had 2 Care Bears growing up, “Cheer Bear and Tender Heart Bear.”  Interesting…

The inspiration:  Yesterday I quickly read a few paragraphs from Louise Hay’s book, “You can Heal Your Life.”  She states that an important and basic aspect of the process of healing is to, “Love yourself.”  She mentioned that healing comes from the act of loving oneself and it is a huge focal point that she focuses on when in sessions with her clients. It was a section that I easily passed through, thinking, well of course I love myself, that’s not new, and moved on to something newer for me to learn.

Later in the day, her words popped back into my head and I realized that I didn’t really know or at least I hadn’t thought about what it felt like to turn the love I beamed out, inward.  I then saw myself as my own client.  I wanted to do this initially with the interest in feeling the effects of this self love on my stomach as it had been bloatingly out of balance the last few days.  Louise talks about treating ailments with self love, so I started to send love to my tummy for the sake of my tummy, then that intention fell away and I was just feeling love from me to me. Lol.  It was lovely.  It felt like the details of fixing my tummy gave way to the overriding experience of love in a simpler form. Kind of like it was a removal of or non acknowledgement of anything other than love.

How to:  Find a moment to close your eyes while laying sitting or standing as preferred that allows you to feel completely comfortable and relaxed.  Place your hands on your heart and breathe into love.  Imagine it spreading from you, through you, and over you.  If you need help feeling love, picture a person or animal or something that lets you feel love and expand it.  Open up to receive this love fully for the radiance of your being, honouring you as a person and spirit. Trust.  Breathe and let go.  You deserve to let yourself feel as much love for yourself as you give to others.

There are many people I see who give so much love to others and see so much value, worth and love in other people while they think poorly of themselves and don’t see as much light or have as much love for themselves as they do for others. You are as equally worthy as anybody else.  Say this over and over and over again until you believe it.

Please try this for yourself.  It doesn’t have to be complicated.  Allow yourself to gently and with softly held focus for a few minutes at least, send love and receive love which happens at the same time.  Whatever comes up, stay with love;  let it burn through anything that opposes it.  Trust the love.  Be a Care Bear and beam your love to yourself and to others!

If you find yourself thinking this sounds interesting, but you don’t feel the need to take a moment to feel into it, that you know you love yourself, and you honestly feel pretty balanced and content in the moment, try it anyway.  What if it could help you more than you thought?  What if this could take you to another level of living and of loving others and yourself?  What if you tried it and just felt a little more chill as a result?  We’ve heard through text and song that love is like a fire that burns bright, and illuminates.  I felt the stirrings of this quality very subtly.  I do know that I awoke the next morning to a happier belly.  Experiment with your capacity to love and be loved.  You are safe and are a boundary-less vessel for love.

Love, Karen