How to: Create and SEE manifestation tools for yourself. You are an active force in your life.

You can read this blog as it is laid out or skip straight to the point form           ‘Take Action’ section at the bottom of the post and then read the explanation paragraphs.

I’ve written affirmations/activations in the first person so when you read it, you can use the energy of present moment thought, to be most impactful with personal expansion.  They are italicized. 

To help explain some of these tools used in becoming more aware of the relationship between our inner world and how it reflects in our physical environment, I’ve used part of my own journey as a trampoline initially.           Bon Appetit!  This is my longest post yet!

Here’s the thing:
Awesome, amazing, magical things happen to me all the time! Really! What if I could notice a direct response in my external environment as a direct reflection of what I have been thinking, feeling, and hoping!  What if I could become more conscious of my active role in the process of manifesting my life?  What if I could literally relate the stuff/people/opportunities that come into my life as a direct reflection to what I’ve been focusing my thoughts and feelings on?   ~This is where life gets interesting.  I’m so happy I’ve remembered and felt the energy of these two words, “I can”.

The Sentence:
I’ve known and heard many times by numerous spiritual healers to, “Watch your thoughts as they are manifesting quicker and will soon manifest instantly.”

Questions can be Activations:
How does this work?  What can I do?  What are my innate abilities as a spirit interacting on earth?  What can I actually do?  How far does this go?  How much influence do I have in my own life?  How much influence does the Universe have in my life?  What is mine and thus our, human potential to create? How do we create?

Ask questions from a space of wonder and curiosity when you are ready to really seek it’s answers.

It’s been hard to grasp “The Sentence” until recently when I have noticed specific external occurrences in my life that I can confidently relate back to what I’ve been thinking and feeling to create.  My mind is being blown in a good way.  This might sound so simple: Plant the seed thought of what you want to notice or create.  I’m specifically talking about noticing how we manifest, but you can apply these ideas to notice anything.  There is more information written about noticing, later on in this blog.  Many coincidences happen everyday and we would feel more value, connection and empowerment in our lives when we learn to recognize these coincidences as Divine synchronicities. You can intellectualize almost anything to be true or false, so the recognition of this Divine reflection comes from your heart; which is your loving centre and is known through feeling.  Your heart’s activation is Love and Trust.

You will find the intent to notice or create something by taking time to reflect, to be a constant part of life’s processes and can be utilized at any point in this process I’m writing about here.  The reflection process is a necessary and nurturing space and is a huge part of transformation.  So how might one begin to notice a direct reflection of their outer world from their inner world?  How do we play life?

An Impetus:
I see now how I needed to feel fed up with being stuck regarding manifesting in my life in order to propel me forward with enough motivation to be consistent in my endeavor in manifesting ‘better’.  It seems there has to be a point of ‘enough’, or a ‘personal impetus’ to want to become more involved with how you create.  Some people create well naturally, but for those who don’t, conscious involvement is very helpful.  With my feeling of ‘stuck’ came a series of thoughts that sounded like this: “Can I really participate as a driving force in manifesting my dreams?  I can’t figure out how to manifest sooner than later, maybe I’ll just create some of what I want but not all, maybe I’ll be fine with that.  I’m not moving where I want to when I want to so maybe I’m confused with how this process works.  Trying to manifest isn’t working well, so what am I missing?  Oh.  I need to accept what I feel first so I know from which space I’m trying to create all this movement from.  I need to see where I’m coming from, from a different perspective.  I need perspective to see what I believe and expect and how it’s affecting my life and others.  Accept.  Ok.”

This supports the idea, “You can’t know where you’re going until you know where you are starting from.”

I began to accept that I really didn’t know as much as I thought (thank goodness) and accepted feelings I was experiencing.  This lead to enough internal space and courage to begin to dig new internal ground.  After making things difficult for myself, I was left with the most obvious thing left to try. Curiosity.  I became curious instead of being busy complaining or being busy knowing.  Curiosity opens up space for you to learn; particularly being curious with what you already know and how you know what you know.  It felt like a death of a certain internal dialogue and certain beliefs about manifesting, to a birth of my role in manifesting in response to how the Universe/Spirit manifests. Co-Creating.

Honest Reality:
You can’t pretend reality isn’t here any longer.  You can try to pretend you don’t feel a certain way, or try to pretend something didn’t happen, or try to pretend you aren’t where you are, but you do, it did and you are.  As you let yourself work with the reality of a situation, you let yourself literally vibrate within the energy of honesty and presence.  The frequency of honesty is higher than the frequency of lying, pretending or ignoring.  When you work with being honest in an area of your life, you encourage the vibration of honesty and presence in all other areas of your life; it activates and supports other abilities you have.  You perpetuate yourself to realize what is real.

Apparently the Universe/Spirit knows us a bit better than we know ourselves; kind of like a mother who does something out of love and wisdom that is best for her child’s learning.  The child may initially feel upset or confused but at some point as the child matures she says, “Oh, I’m experiencing this for a reason.”  Trust first, that whatever reality is here is here.  Sound like a bogus, spiritually general statement?  Maybe but the more you trust there is something to be learned from the situation you are in, the more you become an active participant instead of a victim.  Trust allows you to begin to open up to your personal power, because you are not only trusting in the Universe, but in yourself at the same time; to do one is to do the other. The Ocean is in the drop; The Universe is in you.  I have found trust to be the most rewarding and often the most challenging part of this process. Many of my tears including ones of joy have been shed in the process of letting go and trusting.

Your Signal to the Universe: 
I am a living breathing Signal to the Universe, in constant communication together.  I am always connected and supported.

What is your signal right now?  Your outer world is reflecting your inner world via the Signal you send to the Universe.  ‘Signal’ as Esther of Jerry and Esther Hicks would put it.  Do you think there is a moment you are alive when you are not creating/signaling?  No.  You are always creating.  How much of that creating is from focusing on what you don’t want compared to on what you do want?  This is a personal interaction you can intend to notice and bring to light for sure.  Here’s the thing and it’s worth repeating:  Awesome, amazing, magical stuff happens to us all the time! Seriously. What if you could notice a direct response in your external circumstances/interactions as a direct reflection of what you’ve been ‘putting out there’ as your signal?  Or to be said another way, a direct reflection of what you have been thinking and feeling, hoping?  Doesn’t this sound like magic?  It is!  Magic is real, we are magical, and we do magic.  There I said it.

The Upward Spiral:
Is a wonderful domino affect that propels us upward and forward in momentum. We more commonly see and verbalize the domino effect of crappy thoughts and actions we take and it’s effects which is called a downward spiral.  Let us speak more often in the “up”! It works the same way!  We spiral ourselves and others downward or upward by how we think and feel and how we choose to talk about what we feel.  Down = increase in heaviness, lethargy, lack, fear etc.  Up = increase in light, abundance, vitality, will, hope, trust etc.  Our job is to notice which way we are moving.  Speaking in the “up” is different than ignoring if you feel down or upset in various degrees; please absolutely honour your emotions.  In honouring your emotions and accepting them, use them to begin to create in love and trust.  Once we know where we are, we can direct ourselves where we want to go.  I’m simplifying this downward/upward spiral idea a bit so as not to overload and stray from the point. I mention more about a neutral state later in the “Take Action” section but it still works to propel us forward.

I will also mention that to change the momentum of the spiral you are in can feel heavy or hard initially.  Think about slowing down the momentum of catching a baseball to throw it back in the other direction.  You would be acting as an opposite force on an existing force and that takes some effort initially before going into the swing of another direction.  So to change a downward spiral to an upward spiral may at times feel like effort at first, but once you pick up momentum again, you can run with it!

The Universe understands my feeling energy that is fueling my thoughts, more than my thoughts.  I am lightheartedly mindful of the energy of the words I think, speak and write.  I feel safe and supported to explore my emotions.

To shift and heighten your signal to the Universe (ie with everyone and everything), this might sound a bit too simple but, feel what you want!  Do you want inner peace?  To understand something?  Monetary Support?  A healthier work environment?  To let go of a certain fear?  To embrace your inner nurturer?  A car?  To awaken your capacity to love?  To tap into your personal strength?  What?  Whatever it is you want, get to know your beliefs behind it. If you doubt that you can have it, deserve it or are good enough for it, those feelings need to be addressed.

You can control your responses, not other people’s.  Your beliefs, and actions thus your energy can affect other people.  This isn’t about changing other people as the focus.  This is about approaching your beliefs and actions to be of positive effect on yourself and thus with others.  This approach is to open yourself up to your personal potential through love and share it with others just by being you.  To see potential in yourself is to see it in others, if not right away, then eventually.  You have probably heard this quote before.  “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  This has profound rippling and far reaching effects.

Example:  If you want to let go of the hold of the fear of rejection, and you speak to yourself in future or past with contractive energy like this, “I want to let go of being afraid around people because I feel lonely and I don’t want to feel lonely anymore.”, your energetic signal is, “afraid, lonely, and lonely.”  The Universe thinks, “Ok, she’s sending out fear and loneliness right now.”  Like attracts like.  All words carry energy based on their cultural and personal associations.  If you speak to yourself in the present tense with expanded energy like this, “I am comfortable and open up to people easily because I love connection and friendship.”,  you will be sending out a signal of, “comfortable, easy, love, connection and friendship.  Which sentence would you choose to repeat to yourself to create connection?  It is helpful to state what you want even if it is in the contractive way because there is acknowledgement and assertion there, but I’m interested in the most effective way to manifest.  Part of the process is realizing you can choose what you think.  The energy of words will create a path for you that either contacts or expands your energy. With the energy of your words fueling your desires in an expansive, positive way, you instantly start an upward spiral.  You create more possibility to work in.  As ethereal as this may seem, it’s actually quite practical.

Most commonly referenced from “The Secret” which has said that you have to feel that you already have what you want; to turn your want into a feeling of already having it. This sounded totally dumb when I first heard this because how could you possibly feel like you have something when you don’t? Imagine! Fantasize!  Daydream!  And don’t hold back!  Dream of everything and more that you possibly can!  This is currently my favourite part of the process.  I’ve been playing with this idea a lot and am continuously surprised at it’s positive and literal impact in my life.  I’ve found I best respond to this way of interpreting how to feel you have something when you don’t in physical form yet.  Let yourself daydream.  What would it look like and feel like to….(fill in the blank) open your own business, love yourself, feel confident about who you are?  It would feel like this…(fill in the blank) expansive, fun, stimulating, peaceful, grateful etc.  Then you let yourself feel what it would feel like to have it/be it, and then enjoy it and sit in that feeling!  This exercise I have found to be of surprising value and for that I am so very grateful.  We literally do this all the time unconsciously.

Most often I see us doing this visualization/feeling with the things we don’t want.  Think about this for a second.  If you imagine what it would feel like to have the worst possible thing happen in a situation, what does that feel like? We make our own stomachs turn, we make ourselves sweat, we make our muscles tight, we make our hearts race faster, we make ourselves sad and angry.  Well, the good news is, because we are powerful enough to make ourselves sick, we are most certainly powerful enough to make ourselves healthy, vibrant and alive.

There are many ideas and techniques to help you in noticing how you create your life with HOW you think and what you FEEL about it.  I say ‘noticing’ often, because to notice, often naturally leads to what is to come next.  Often it is in the noticing that the seeing comes more naturally.  What works for you for a certain amount of time, may not work as efficiently as you continue to grow.  Be ready to spontaneously pick up and let go of the way you do things as it becomes apparent what is most helpful in the moment.


Take Action:
These condensed ideas can help you notice what you want, they can help you get to know yourself more with regard to your reactions, passions, desires, beliefs and internal dialogue, to help you know what your real feelings are and where they are coming from, and to help you know what emotional space you are coming from in manifesting your goals. These are tools that help you become aware of reactionary habit patterns so you can consciously choose what thoughts and feelings to encourage in your life; to empower you and awaken. This is an internal journey but you can’t do this alone without relationships of all kinds. Relationships are constant feedback and are the grounds from which you come to understand and love yourself and understand and love others. Your internal journey and your discoveries are nothing if not shared with others in love.

I’ve written these ideas directly, but note that these are just some ways to link your internal and external world.  Maybe this will work for you, maybe you will find a better way that works for you instead.  My particular approach this time is very mentally involved for you thinkers out there.  These ideas are meant to be put into action instead of staying in contemplation.  Please share what works for you, I’d love to hear and learn!

1) Be courageous. This process can be exhilarating, joyous and peaceful and also challenging, upsetting and scary.
2) Practice feeling Trust.  Trust you are supported by the Universe.  Feeling trust allows you to begin to open up to your personal power, because you are not only trusting in the Universe, but in yourself at the same time; to do one is to do the other.
3) Feel what you are feeling and then choose what to amplify.  Use the information your emotions are giving you to notice where you are manifesting strongest and most consistently.  If you are unclear of the emotions you feel, look to points 2-9 to help bring clarity to them.  Once you are clear with what you want to perpetuate, then feel it good!!  Send out that signal!  Your feelings are powerful and informative and a key tool in understanding yourself and others and what is separating or connecting you.  Find people and environments that let you feel safe in exploring your emotions.
4) Intend to see more clearly what you want to notice or know or create if it is indeed coming from a loving and honest place.
5) Intend to notice how you are talking to yourself.  Honour what your thoughts are and what they mean to tell you.  Is how you are talking to yourself helping you?
6) Tell yourself how you want to remember to talk to yourself and be open and curious as you go about your regular day. This is you working to shift internal habitual responses. Because your conscious mind has told your subconscious mind what to watch out for, it is stored and it is on the look out for you. What you have to do is figure out ways to:
7) Be quiet enough and open enough to hear your subconscious mind and the Universe talk to you.  Usually the Universe speaks softly and it’s up to you to listen. Feel free to check in throughout the day with your intention, but it shouldn’t feel like a chore. Curiosity feels adventurous, interesting, and even joyous, not burdensome.  Messages often come through like an idea or an, ‘Oh’ thought you didn’t intend to think about in that moment.  Kind of like your own thought feels like a surprise.  This process requires:
8) CONSISTENT gentle effort towards attention and may take a few minutes, months or years before you feel insight peering through.  I do emphasize the deep value in this point.
9) Incorporate quiet time in your day, everyday. Everyday!  Hopefully this is something you can start to look forward to because to not be able to even slightly enjoy spending time with yourself, wholeheartedly sucks.  This means spending time on your own.  As I sound like a kindergarten teacher, quiet time is more neutral and let’s you Not be engaged in a challenging and super focused task.  Quiet time is a time that lets you feel naturally contemplative, enjoying your own space in simplicity doing simple tasks or forms of meditation (Which are many.  Honour your own form of meditation.)  Go into a place or activity where your mind can freely wander, ponder and take in the sites, smells and sounds around you or within you; a place where you are in the moment with yourself and/or your surroundings. You can go for a walk, eat alone or eat in silence, meditate, do yoga, do laundry, sit in a sunny spot, people watch. Do you get the idea?  Lately for me, many little and larger “Ah-Ha’s” have come from me being in the energy of, “I wonder…..” What do you enjoy that allows you to enter that space of wonder?

You know when you are trying to find a Firefly in a country field?  You know they are more visible at night and are likely in your vicinity, so you go exploring?  You know how you soften your gaze and focus on nothing and everything and stay still for a moment so that when the Firefly lights up, you notice it because you’ve broadened your gaze?  It’s the same.  Simple tasks and meditations let you broaden your gaze to notice stuff!  I don’t know about you, but I want to notice me some flaming butts!

I hope you see as many flaming butts as you can and encounter so much support, inspiration, love and kindness as spiritually, humanly possible!  You have so much to discover and share with others.  Part of life’s pure joy is sharing what you’ve discovered.  So continues our journey navigating the process of creating our lives with the most colour we can.  I’ll keep sharing as new insights come through.

In love and wonder,


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