Run, Jump, Soar!


My New Metaphor for Living Life:
“Run full force towards the edge of a cliff and jump, wildly screaming and laughing!”

This new metaphor was fueled by a conversation about the imminence of everyone’s death and thus mine.  My friend said, “I am dying every day so I have to live like it!”  I felt deeper into the meaning of having a limited time on earth which made the metaphorical ‘run full force to the edge of a cliff and jump off’, make ABSOLUTE SENSE.  Why wouldn’t we live life so fully and passionately?  How else could we possibly live that makes more sense than this?


“Leap and the net will appear.”  Was one of my favourite quotes for many years.  At one time it sounded very liberating, daring and brave, but gentle enough for the time that I needed it.  Now gentleness in living life needs a modification for me with more fire!

I’ve come to resonate with the New Metaphor for living life at this time.  I love it’s fierceness and punch, it’s unabashed wildness, daring and guts, enthusiasm and uninhibited raging joy.


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