January Newsletter

January Newsletter
What if it was easier than you thought to live the life you’ve been feeling in your heart? 

What if the spiritual practices, self talk, motivational inspirational quotes were practical to apply to your life?  What if they were very tangible, sensible, down to earth and functional?  I think they are.  It’s part of my passion to share what I’ve learned about internal awakening and be part of others internal awakening and potential.  Do you think you or other people hold you back?  If you feel like you are stuck, look within.  It’s MUCH more helpful than faulting others.

Start living the life you dream; what else would you be doing?


Go Big or Go Home! Dream….Without Holding Back!

Josephine Wall - Rainbowgirl 2 (2)What if right now you could sit here and let yourself think, feel and dream of your wishes without any holding back at all?  What if right now you could dream with complete freedom and exploration?

Breathe into your heart space and simply let it expand.  Let this be where you let yourself dream.  Your heart can see the likelihood of possibilities that your mind may not.

No more living small.  Expand into your heart and let your physical movements, words and actions express your creative potential.  You create what you can imagine and dream.  Go big or go home!

Tis the New Year which gets us thinking about newness in our lives and thus letting go of the old and what we want to do and create next and this is great!   It’s even better to ponder this more than once a year.  Every morning for a few moments before you open your eyes, set your intentions and energy for the day.  Keep it simple and sincere.

Everything about us is a constant cycle of old and new, death and birth; even right down to our cells which are dying and being born every day.  Most obvious is our breath with the new fresh oxygen on the inhale and the carbon dioxide on the exhale.  It is in our nature to be of the old and new forever transitioning.

It is in your nature to let go of what is no longer serving you and embrace the new that is ready for you to ignite it.

It feels challenging when we resist what is ready to be let go and embrace what is ready to activate.

What do you want to create this year?  Let yourself feel completely into what your dreams are.  You can meditate, tell a friend or (what I’ll focus on in this blog) write without holding back at all!  Let yourself feel fully your desires and gifts, feelings and thoughts.

If you find it challenging to truly let yourself dream, you are holding yourself back.  You can practice this next exercise if you feel blocked, stuck or small when you try to dream.

When practicing Automatic Writing or writing in a journal, people including myself may try to write honestly without filtering words, but sometimes find a part of ourselves that won’t let us be completely honest.  We may hold back on writing words that we think we shouldn’t because they sound mean or selfish or not how we think they should sound because that is not who we want to sound like or because they make us feel afraid to admit that we feel a certain way and then what it would mean if we admit it we feel that way… Let that go.  If you are going to let yourself feel fully into your desires for yourself, others and the world, be honest.   Part of this process is to practice letting yourself write without any filters, no matter how you sound, if it sounds mean, selfish, amazing or whatever!!!

The point of this exercise is to help you remove filters that inhibit your expansion as a person.  What you are writing here doesn’t define you, this is more of a purging to let go of what is getting in your way before you dream.

Take 10 to 30 minutes to purge write.  Then either through writing or through meditation, play, an activity, let yourself dream and feel it.  That’s it!  Posted in a previous post:  https://karenmckinnon.wordpress.com/2012/12/03/how-to-create-and-see-manifestation-tools-for-yourself-you-are-an-active-force-in-your-life/  I talk more about a practical approach to the creation process that works in conjunction with dreaming.

Day Dream everyday for 10 minutes or more.  We owe it to ourselves to let ourselves feel unlimited and then create from that space of possibility, wonder and magic.  It’s fun!   : )  Experiment with your life.  Live your life.  What else are you going to do?