I’m excited to hear what inspires you and to share what inspires me; it’s an amazing light filled fuel!  Here we can express and share through writing, our hearts and minds.

head shot 6My passion is to empower people in their healing process, to ignite their full potential, purpose and passion!  I educate and heal through yoga movement, energy, joy, sound, breath, meditation and counselling.

We are all in different places of process, change and transformation.  We all want to love and be loved, to feel valued, to laugh and feel joy and peace, and to live an abundant life; to be happy.  I feel so grateful and alive to share this energy and creative process with you!

As a Reiki Master, I offer private Reiki – Transformational Energy Healing Sessions and Attunements at the 1,2,3/Master levels.  Certified as an Akhanda (holistic) Hatha Yoga Teacher, I teach holistic yoga including, Restorative, Therapeutic, and Yin. Akhanda Yoga.  I also continue to see Hospice Clients providing Reiki as a Complementary Therapist. Hospice Toronto.

I love the work I do and the people I meet; it truly is a blessing to connect with so many interesting and talented people. If you are interested in sessions or have questions, email me:

Be the brightest light you can, because you can.

In love and light, and beautiful abundance ~ Karen


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