I believe that healing through energy is so needed and naturally well received by us, to affect all aspects of self and life experience. We already use the energy of food, herb, water, and scent among others to nurture us. Healing through Reiki is another beautiful and gentle form of energy to reach the parts of us that need healing, activation and love.

Transformational Energy Work
Healing sessions with me include Reiki, visualization, breath work, and affirmation.  Yoga postures and techniques can be recommended to compliment the nature of your visit.  I am interested in helping you help yourself to be empowered.

Click here for a more detailed overview of Reiki and what a session with me looks like.

I’m a Certified Reiki Master certified through Tara Antler. I’ve received Reiki for over 12 years and have been practicing for 5 years.


Private Reiki Rate  based per hour

Reiki – $75.00 + hst

For additional package pricing contact me for details.

Purchases don’t expire with proof of purchase.

Feel free to ask me any questions.

In love, light and beautiful abundance!!!



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